"It's A Good Life" is an episode of American television adventure series Young Steve.

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Season: 01

Episode: 01

Airdate: July 6, 2012

Next episode: Don't Plot The Doomsday


Steve played an arcade game as the TV went static in the coffee shop. When he tripped over outside and hurt his knee, his new guest Amy had to took him home. At home, he showed her a visit. They watched a cartoon. Steven, his uncle, showed her in the room upstairs. Only she saw the girl called Samantha, in a wheelchair, watching a cartoon. Steven and Amy headed back downstairs. Steve and Samantha watched the same cartoon each. They ate dinner. Basil gave Shannon a mail. The mail said Shannon was a boy. We saw the alien said Shannon was a boy. It wasn't Basil's or Steve's fault. That was the alien's fault. She wanted to go upstairs. Amy thought she wasn't listening. She went into the cartoon world and got eaten by King Dedede. After the TV broke, the puppet-like alien came out. She got already swallowed by the alien. Then the alien exploded in the lounge room. Steve and Amy rewind to their life for getting out of the car in the earlier scene. Steve made his way better.

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